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Metallization and UV varnishing

Pollena offers metallization and UV varnishing decorations, taking full responsibility for the process’s absolute best quality, durability, and purity. Our automatic and modern vacuum metallization lines, with sputtering and UV varnishing, allow us to give products unique effects. We provide matt, glossy, soft-touch, mirror and gradation effects. All in an incredible diversity of colors. We offer complete solutions (production and metallization in the same production site), but we are also ready to cooperate on a service basis. As a packaging manufacturer for more than 60 years, we proudly establish the credibility of the most recognizable brands in the world.


Beauty industry

The biggest producers in the cosmetics industry rely on us. We understand the needs and quality standards applied for premium and mass markets. We metalize and varnish products for the make-up, skincare, hair-care and fragrance categories.

 Thanks to our in-house tool shop, we can swiftly develop both pilot and serial tooling, which allows us to efficiently perform a trial batch and color matching

Responsible metallization

Metallization and production are carried out in the same production site (all-in-one). As a result, we avoid unnecessary transport to subcontractors, reducing wasteful CO2 emissions. In addition, our automated and energy-efficient metallization lines are designed to ensure the cleanest, most responsible process possible.

To comply with the fundamental principles of circular economy, we handle waste correctly, continually reducing it, and use recycled water in the process. Our lacquered products are tested for recyclability and can be turned back in the sorting and recycling processes.

Spirits and glass

Are you a glass producer looking for caps to complete your packaging? Or do you wish to offer your glass products a distinctive finishing? You can create the desired effect on a variety of surfaces and shapes thanks to the multifunctionality of our metallization and lacquering lines and the high level of expertise of our staff. Your product will stand out not only because of its metallic finish, but also due to its chemical resistance and durability.

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