Leading manufacturer of plastic packaging in Central and Eastern Europe


Green factory

Our ambition is to become one of the least environment impacting players of the entire supply chain within product life-cycle assessment by ensuring sustainable plastic manufacturing process. It’s possible through a range of actions in our core activity: use of modern infrastructure to lower energy consumption, use of modern electric and hybrid machines, LED lamps, heat recovery, waste valorization, industrial waste recovery and reuse, as well as low water consumption thanks to closed water system. 

ISO 9001-2015, BRC v.6 for Packaging & Packaging materials, 
Eco Vadis, REACH conformity, SEDEX member.

Sustainable packaging

We believe in a power of circular economy. We keep on repeating that plastic itself is not the problem, it’s what we choose to do with plastic that’s the problem. Our responsibility as plastic packaging supplier is to create eco-designed packaging to meet the objectives of circular economy. According to the 3R principle, we work on making our packaging the most recycled (post-consumer resins) & recyclable (mono-material) possible, by reducing its weight, optimization initiatives, as well as by elaborating new refill conceptions.

Supporting people

Pollena’s strength lies in people, who work every day for our and our Customers’ success. Our team is diversified, made up of young, ambitious people and older ones, full of passion and with great experience. We actively support and stimulate the local community. Since many years Pollena has been involved in different charity & aid activities: offering help to underprivileged children, supporting local football teams, contributing to Polish global charity programs or promoting local art and culture.