Leading manufacturer of plastic packaging in Central and Eastern Europe


With Pollena, your product may stand out from the store shelf crowd. Decoration technologies that we offer render the packaging unusual and remarkable. Pollena is the Polish market leader in hot-stamping and UV silk-screen printing. We offer simple one-color overprints, as well as multi-colored more complicated ones, both on flat and rounded surfaces. We also offer metallization and lacquering services.



UV silk-screen printing

Thanks to UV silk-screen technology, we may perform multi-colored, durable and UV-cured overprints. Our machines may print up to 4 colors, and their choice is unlimited. While printing, we are always mindful of good quality and durability of the overprints.

This is possible through machines equipped with visual control and devices for verifying data matrix and accuracy of the bar codes. Hence, our overprints are always covered by a good quality guarantee.

We may print on short series and customize the products.


Hot-stamping will add class and elegance to your product, making it look luxuriously. Thanks to a many-years’ experience, we apply foils with the highest diligence, so that they are durable and their glossy effect pleases the eye of everyone.


We are in possession of machines for simple flat, oblique and rounded printing. What is more, we use modern and automated printing and assembling lines, allowing for the application of up to five colors of HS film in one process, including injection and automatic packaging.

Pad printing

Pad printing technology makes it possible to perform durable prints even on complicated hollow surfaces.

The choice of colors is unlimited. In this technology, we decorate lids, jars and various kinds of irregularly shaped closures.

Metallization and lacquering

Make your products shine!

If you would like obtain a mirror effect on your product, preserving at the same time its chemical resistance, metallization and lacquering will be the best option.

If a high gloss effect is not what you are looking for, maybe you’d be charmed by a matt finish? Additionally, thanks to the unlimited possibility of masterbatch and lacquer combination, the ultimate color of your product will be restricted by nothing but your imagination.