Leading manufacturer of plastic packaging in Central and Eastern Europe


Designing and manufacturing packaging materials is our passion. We have our own in-house tool shop and highly skilled Design, Research and Development Departments what enables us to comprehensively develop individual packaging projects. We design packaging materials and build pilot and production molds while offering a full range of tool services using modern digital machines.

Design engineering

We conduct projects comprehensively, starting from idea, through 3D model, technical documentation, mold execution, up to obtaining the final product and its delivery to the Client. 

We specialize in individual packaging development, based on the our Client’s requirements always helping out with technical knowledge and experience.

Tool shop

Tool shop is a place where molds and forming parts are being manufactured. It is the Company’s heart.

Thanks to our in-house tool shop and R&D Department we may address our offer to Clients searching for complex solutions. It also enables us to have a constant production readiness and a full control over efficient implementation of new projects.

We produce both hot and cold runner molds which are energy-efficient, effective and durable. The complexity of our actions makes it possible to adjust production capacity to Client’s and project’s requirements. Our molds guarantee the highest and repetitive quality of produced elements. Moreover, the materials and components that we use are of proven quality and durability.

We also offer a full spectrum of tool services using modern digital machine tools and high precision digital measuring centers.